Vanilla Aircraft is now VANILLA UNMANNED

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World Record Setting ultra-long flight endurance (10+ days for a single aircraft) for Unmanned Air Vehicle ISR platform, unparalleled in our industry, which dramatically reduces operating and sustaining costs.


Extremely mobile footprint allows take off with minimal crew and allows access to areas at extreme distances due to its long flight times.


Open and adaptable payload capacity to allow a wide variety of sensors for information gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance accommodating unique mission requirements


Due to its innovative design based on trusted and readily available technology and minimal crew requirements, this platform is a fraction of the costs of other ISR solutions with lower maintenance cost, yet gives superior results.

About Us

Powered by an efficient heavy-fuel engine, the VA001 completed its first flight in February 2015, flying autonomously in the national airspace. In operation, the VA001's unmatched range and 10-day endurance will greatly reduce the operating cost and manpower burden to provide persistent aerial coverage, and will enable new missions previously beyond the capabilities of mid-size UAS.