The Vanilla Aircraft is uniquely position to fill a void as a a Group 3 UAS capable for flying continuously for up to 10 days, providing persistent surveillance and reconnaissance. The Surveillance industry has dramatically embraced drones to provide multi-use monitoring, AI and other emerging technologies to compliment the mobile capabilities of UAV’s. UAS technology is filling a huge gap Border Security and Shipping Lanes, where long dwell time over large distances is critical.

An estimated $7 billion is currently being spent each year in the surveillance industry current estimates see this industry growing to over $13 Billion by 2024.  With object recognition, facial ID, AI and automated tracking being just a few of the advanced technologies being applied to UAV’s this industry is growing at a rapid rate with no end in site.


UAV technology provides highly effective and cost effective solutions to local law enforcement in protecting its citizens.


With new Federal and State mandates in place, protecting our border is a massive undertaking that is being greatly aided by UAV technology


Automated Tracking

Facial Recognition

Object Recognition

Surveillance Unmanned Vehicle Market

In Billions

Now that high end cameras are having smaller footprints and drones having the ability to carry heavier payloads and be flow with much more precision, many companies have embraced them over more traditional solutions. Plus UAV’s are often much safer and cost effective and with the vanilla unmanned solution it means longer dwell time which guards again ISR failure during take off and landing.


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