World Record setting ultra-long flight endurance Unmanned Air Vehicle ISR platform


World Record Setting ultra-long flight endurance

Extremely mobile footprint, Minimal Crew

Open and adaptable payload capacity

Innovative design means dramatic cost savings


On October 18th Vanilla Aircraft VA001 took off from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility and embarked on a historic long endurance test flight that landed safely more than 5-days later. Watch the world record setting ultra-long flight endurance Unmanned Air Vehicle ISR platform in action.

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About the Aircraft

Rear Admiral Tim Heely (CEO), has had over forty years aviation experience in the Navy which he brings to his leadership of the Vanilla Unmanned team.  Powered by an efficient heavy-fuel engine, the VA001 completed its first flight in February 2015, flying autonomously in the national airspace. In operation, the VA001's unmatched range and 10-day endurance will greatly reduce the operating cost and manpower burden to provide persistent aerial coverage, and will enable new missions previously beyond the capabilities of mid-size UAS.

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Industrial Monitoring

Vanilla Aircraft is now Vanilla Unmanned

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