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Vanilla Unmanned (formerly Vanilla Aircraft), designed and built the VA001 ultra-endurance UAS.  The VA001 is a Group 3 UAS intended to be payload and mission agnostic, or “vanilla.” It’s capable for flying continuously for up to 10 days, providing persistent surveillance and reconnaissance. It was also the first winner of the AUVSI “Startup Showdown” in New Orleans in 2016, beating out 14 other competitors to take the top prize.


Aircraft Features

Vanilla Unmanned Payload 2.jpg

1.1 Cubic Payload

Carry virtually any payload within a 1.1 cubic foot footprint.

50 Lbs

Carry  any payload up to 50 lbs.

1000 Watts

Power you payload with up to 1000 watts.

* Payload Size, Weight and Power can be altered upon customers needs.

15,000 Ft Altitude

Max Altitude is 15,000 Feet (with a 36 foot wingspan aircraft).

Longer Dwell Time

World Record:  Capable of 10+ days flight.


Because of the Long Endurance, low fuel cost and ease of maintenance this means increased life of the sensors and allows for a radical change in the way you can do business.

Vanilla Unmanned tow.jpg

Vanilla Unmanned Aircraft Features-2 1400x500.jpg
VU Truck Towed Launch.jpg

Towed Launch

Platform is towed into the air by a truck off a runway by a commercially available tow rope until it is 200 feet in the air and released.

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